I am fully aware that Divine Word College of Legazpi (DWCL) or its designated representative is duty bound and obligated under the Data Privacy Act of 2012 to protect all my personal and sensitive information that it collects, processes, and retains upon my enrolment and during my stay in the College.

Student personal information includes any information about my identity, academics, medical conditions, or any documents containing my identity. This includes but not limited to my name, address, names of my parents or guardians, date of birth, grades, attendance, disciplinary records, and other information necessary for basic administration and instruction.

I understand that my personal information cannot be disclosed without my consent. I understand that the information that was collected and processed relates to my enrolment and to be used by DWCL to pursue its legitimate interests as an educational institution. Likewise, I am fully aware that DWCL may share such information to affiliated or partner organizations as part of its contractual obligations, or with government agencies pursuant to law or legal processes. In this regard, I hereby allow DWCL to collect, process, use and share my personal data in the pursuit of its legitimate interests as an educational institution.

In addition, I am likewise giving my consent/permission in favor of my parents/guardian/representative or whoever is responsible in providing care for me to access, verify, examine and or inspect my academic and scholastic records, school fees/accounts in the College, the result of my physical medical examination (PME) and all matters that relate to my status as a student of the College.